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Global IT Services covers a wide range of resources that we deliver to customers via the internet. One of the characteristics of our cloud services includes self-provisioning; that is, customers can provision services on an-demand basis. Through our cloud and host services we can manage our customers’ dedicated environments and helping them succeed in the cloud with our cost-effective cloud and hosting plans. Some of our cloud services that customers can benefit from are:

Centralized and Managed Wireless Access Services

You don’t need to buy your own wireless infrastructure, while we can provide it through our cloud’s dedicated wireless resources.

Captive Portal

That can be used to register clients and store provided information incloud’s backend database system.

Splash Pages

or splash screens are form of promotion and advertising. It is very popularly used today and they may contain logo, graphics, or animated features.They are used to attract your visitors and they can select any site they want to see.

Disaster Recovery & Backup

Leverage the flexibility of the cloud backed with the security and reliability of our dedicated backup resources, by backing-up application data with a private, secure, reliable connection to our cloud.

Web Host

We offer the most cost-effective and best managed Dedicated Server Solutions available. our Dedicated web hosting Solutions also come with 24x7 through our global technical support center. We offer single processor and dual processor dedicated servers with tailored hardware specs to fit and fulfill any business needs.

Email Host

ultra-reliable servers of Global IT Services guarantee 99.9% uptime on your business email. Our email hosting dedicated cloud has all the features needed to get the job done—an intuitive, easy-to-use email management interface and backend, calendar and contact tools that sync to every device and make your business more productive and more effective.

We have several plans that customers can select from to fit their workplace environment and business needs:

  • • Per credit plan.
  • • Monthly plan
  • • Annual plan
  • • Long term contract plan.

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