Managed Services - Storage and Managed Backup

Our industry-leading data storage services enable customers to standardize storage management across platforms and endpoints, helping to ensure that informatio n, infrastructure, and processes can be protected, managed and controlled easily and automatically . We ensure that all data is protected and fully recoverable in the face of any threats. Our Managed Storage Servic es provide comprehensive management of your storage operations in accordance with your spec ific service-level requirements. Being able to manage information properly can reduce costs, m ake more efficient use of your current data storage resources – and even prevent you from needing to buy additional storage.

Our Managed Backup services provide comprehensive 24x7 management of your backup and recovery operations, allowing you to focus on your core business priori ties while retaining ownership of your backup technology. Based on ITIL processes and deep product knowledge, our Managed Backup Services combine local management – onsite or offsite – with remote round-the-clock monitoring, incident management, and planning and optimization assistance.

Benefits of our Managed Backup Service: While we are providing management of your backup environment, our deep technical expertise ensures that operational risk is min imized and effective service is maintained. Typically for our clients the Managed Backup Service delivers:

  • - Eliminates the need for investment in an expensive backup infrastructure.
  • - Removes the time your IT staff spend on troubleshooting and acting on administrative tasks.
  • - Can be a more convenient alternative to tape- or disk-based backup
  • - Smart choice for scalability and cost-effectiveness for your organization.
  • - You have immediate access to skilled engineers without the hassle or cost of managing your own data center team.
  • - freeing your IT staff to work on company’s more critical work

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