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We maintain a variety of engineering and solution architect resources to assist you with your most difficult and challenging projects and outsourcing initiatives at an affordable price. Our network infrastructure experts specialize in inter- and intra-building infrastructure design and deployment. Our professional engineers enable you to pinpoint technical issues that must be incorporated into the design and execution process. We enable our customer to determine methods and apply best practices for installing, testing, and documenting cable and related infrastructure.

Our network infrastructure engineers have the expertise to manage the complex backbone of networks for data and voice transmission across and beyond customer’s premises. We specialize in a wide range of IT infrastructure services, and we can help you take your business to the next level.

Our Network Infrastructure Services include:

Network upgrades and migrations

We can take care of the many aspects of your IT infrastructure migration and/or upgrade, including migration planning, documentation, and execution from either your local IT infrastructure or other data center provider to the cloud. As well as, we can expand or upgrade existing infrastructure, and prepare your company for the increased need for bandwidth that might be expected soon.

Inter- and Intra-Building Copper and Fiber services

There are many techniques and technologies can be utilized to connect network equipment. Our experienced and certified engineers will determine how your network equipment should be connected based on several factors like the size of the network, the equipment involved, speeds required, the distance to be covered and, inevitably, your budget.

Solutions for Remote Access

We provide the most-adopted solutions for remote access as well as data security in transit. Our turnkey remote access solutions enable organizations to access data and line-of-business applications outside the Local Area Network. We design, procure, implement, manage and monitor the service, minimizing your support costs, improving IT efficiency and reducing total cost of ownership.

Server Virtualization

With our Server Virtualization, you can have the agility and cost savings of virtualization, in a dedicated environment, while our experts and specialists manage vSphere® and the underlying physical infrastructure for you. If your organization processes sensitive data and protecting it is something critical, our dedicated, single-tenant environment is ideal for hosting such vital information that can provide your organization the stability, predictability and control you require.

Wireless infrastructure

WIFI is now playing a vital role in the enterprise world. with the growth of mobile and IoT devices, IT needs deeper insights about how the network is performing. Global IT Services wireless solutions enable your company to have the fastest wireless connection and allow users to take the office with them whenever and wherever they go.
we deliver the performance you need for your mobile and wireless devices. With models of wireless access points featuring multi-gigabit Ethernet ports, your network can easily handle 802.11ac Wave 2 and anything that’s thrown at it for years to come.

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