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As organizations continue to expand and operate in a more virtual envi ronment, they are struggling with the increasing sophistication, proliferation and severity of network security threats. We provide fully managed, cost-effective and comprehensive unified threat management services to mee t current and future security challenges by auditing, designing and implementing in formation security solutions in the areas of:

Identity & Access Management Systems

Our cloud based identity access management framework facili tates the management of electronic identities that can be used to initiate, ca pture, record and manage user identities and easily authenticate authorized mobile users securely to acc ess sensitive data. Our Identity and Access Management System enables your organization to custo mize access policy and intentionally increase or decrease sign on security level. This ensures that access privileges are granted according to one interpretation of policy to e stablish assurance level in realtime during access attempt.

Firewall and IDS/IPS Management

Our 24x7 Firewall and IDS/IPS Management services provide log monitoring, and response to security and device health events to control what comes in and goes out of your business. We actively monitor all traffic and create alerts when something anomalous is detected.
Events are correlated across your environment by using global threat intelligenc e and proven expertise. Our certified security analysts analyze events and assess threats. when a threat is detect ed, our experts respond immediately to counter the threat and protect your organizatio n.
Our Firewall and IDS/IPS professional analysts keep your devices tuned, up-to-date and monitored appropriately. Our experts can offer needed consultation, along with improv ed investigations and insights that help you protect your network and take the right actio n to remediate identified threats.

Secure Endpoint Management

Automated scanners and other tools frequently miss vulnerabilities and provid e a false sense of security. for companies seeking a higher level of security, we monitor systems usin g our endpoint security software to inspect, detect, , and remedy any potential vulnerabilities disco vered in real-time.
For companies utilizing our managed security services, we offer an additional level of assurance. Our IT administrators securely manage endpoint configuration, PC personality mi gration, and software applications across Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX, and virtual environments. we can help provide access to experts that can help you examine, investigate and remove malware or indicators of compromise from your systems and endpoints.

Web Protection

Web protection is extremely important for businesses that have limited ti me and resources for network monitoring. Our cloud web protection services dramatically lower to tal cost of ownership and provide you unmatched security, visibility, and control.
All web traffic from your systems travels through our cloud-based web protect ion to ensure that your organization goes beyond basic protection and prevent zero-day malware in m illiseconds as traffic is processed and analyzed to detect and eliminate viruses, spyware, or other t hreats. We provide Web security for every user, device, and location with real-time analytics, an d forensics. Global IT Services Inc. doesn't just protect you from inbound attacks. It constantly monitors traffic and sends you Automatic Threat Notifications instantly if a Botnet, Key Logger, o r some other malicious software is trying to send out information from inside your network.

Email Protection

Global IT Services provides comprehensive and 100% Cloud-Based Email Security and Archiving for all Organizations. We provide your organization scalable and affordable multi -layer security to protect your business against phishing, spam, malicious links, and attachments contain ing trojans, viruses, and any other malware.
Our methodologies and email security suite combine several layers of pro tection for inbound and outbound email to prevent the most advanced email borne attacks, email spooling to ensure business continuity, and meet demanding compliance and preservation requirement s.
Our custom rules and policy engine give organizations complete flexib ility to support global, group and user-level controls to meet the business needs of even the most complex enterprise.

Penetration Testing

Part of our comprehensive security plan, our team of se curity experts and engineers will survey and test your network, systems, and applications to find any potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities that a cybercriminal could exploit. Th rough our established processes and methodologies, we become an extension of your staff by relieving you fr om managing your current solutions. As well as, to provide guidance and su pport required to manage and protect your systems from being attacked.
During the penetration testing, our applications simul ate actions of black hat hackers and cyber criminals to check the possibility of several threats such as : unauthorized access, sensitive data theft, Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, service disrupt ions, technical vulnerability exploitation, employee deception and phishing, physical penetration an d other security issues. Our service packages and plans ensure that our customers achieve a cost-effective risk management by reaching an appropriate level of resistance against cyber threats.

Vulnerability Management

The sophistication and malicious intent of security thre ats are dramatically increasing. Our vulnerability assessment helps your business discover vulnerab ilities or potential threats and recommend security controls and solutions used to redu ce or eliminate the most serious of those vulnerabilities. As a matter of fact, these secu rity threats and issues arise when companies are not aware of their weakness and therefore unprepared to properly remediate and react against these threats.
Without proper proactive planning and investment, org anizations may find themselves vulnerable to attack. Global IT Services Inc. vulnerabili ty assessment and remediation services enable you to validate your protection mechanisms throug h our established processes and methods. we provide your organization leadership, gui dance, and required resources to get ahead of emerging threats.

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